Weight and Life Insurance

In this category, we would outline how weight affects your life insurance policy and the ways you save on your life insurance.

How to get life insurance if underweight

Weight is an important factor when it comes to getting your life insurance application approved. In fact, it could be just as challenging to obtain life insurance if underweight, as if you weigh a few extra pounds. We wanted to take the time and touch on this topic. In this guide, we would outline some…
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Life insurance after bariatric surgery

The number of bariatric (weight loss) surgery has increased dramatically over the past years. More and more people undergo a form of gastric surgery in an effort to achieve a healthy BMI. How exactly would it affect your life insurance, what companies are looking for and possible ratings are all questions we will answer in…
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How your weight affects your life insurance?

There are over 60 things that life insurance companies are reviewing when considering your application for coverage. Out of these things, the one we have probably the most control is our weight. So, how exactly your weight affects your life insurance? We will answer this question and we will list how companies view your weight…
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Life insurance with Keto Diet

Keto is taking the world by a storm. It is a way of life, where people are swapping carbs for healthy fats. There are many benefits of Keto, but did you know it keto can also save you money on your life insurance? Yes, that is true Keto affects your life insurance. In this post,…
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