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One Stop Life Insurance is here to help consumers compare life insurance quotes from top-rated providers. We’ve helped hundreds of clients find the best life insurance coverage for them. We are strong believers that every situation and every need is different. Therefore, we invest our time in getting to know YOU. It is important to know what is your WHY for looking for life insurance. Once, we have a clear understanding of your needs and wants and we proceed to the prequalification process.

We wanted to explain life insurance in a simple and easy to understand way. Therefore, we’ve created a special section of site outlining the basics of life insurance and how you can secure a policy without even a medical exam.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of life insurance companies in the US. It is impossible to review everything that is available in the market place when it comes to insurance. This is where we come in. At One Stop Life Insurance, we take the time to understand your personal situation and find the best possible rate.

We are not an insurance company, nor are we employees of one. We are completely indifferent to your choice of carrier, which makes us your best source of unbiased and professional advice.

How do we do it:

  • First off, we take the time to understand your needs and budget. We want to make sure that the coverage you get is tailored to you.
  • Second, we will ask you some basic health and lifestyle questions to be able to compare life insurance quotes offered by different carriers. This will allow us to match you with the best rate available.
  • Lastly, we make the application process simple. We will guide you every step of the way and are here to answer any questions that you may have.

At, we understand people have many questions when it comes to life insurance. Whether you are a foreign national considering life insurance or you have health concerns,  or can’t decide between term and permanent coverage, we have the answers for you. Simply reach out to us and we will get to work. We can help you with all aspects of life insurance. However, protecting your children and family is our true passion and specialty. We have access to many carriers that can approve coverage with various health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, down syndrome and etc.

What can you expect when reaching out to us:

You can expect to speak with a real person. We are here to offer personalized solutions. If you prefer communication via e-mail, we can accommodate that as well.

Based on your unique situation, we might present you with an option on the 1st call and assist you in securing a policy. However, in some instances, we believe it is important to take an extra step and weight your options. We have access to over 20 top-rated carriers. It is important for us to present you with the best possible solution. Even, if this means reaching out to all of them prior to submitting a formal application. This is what sets us apart. We care and that is why we have higher approval and placement rates when compared to other brokerages.

Lastly, we will guide through every step of the application process. We’ve built a strong team of professionals who are exceptional in what they do. You will be getting several communications of status updates, policy requirements and etc. That way, you would always know what is the status of your life insurance application.

Bottom Line:

We strive to provide exceptional customer service while taking advantage of modern technology. We’d like to think of ourselves, as small enough to provide you with a personal touch, while big enough to have the resources to find you the best coverage.  You have the option to complete the entire application via e-mail, fax or over the phone.

We have the tools to compare life insurance quotes and with our no-pressure approach, securing the right coverage is easy.

Do not hesitate! Get your instant life insurance quote now! It is fast, free and convenient.