Know the basics of shopping for life insurance

Did you know many people avoid buying life insurance because they think it’s complicated and hard to get? They are leaving their families unprotected because of the many misconceptions surrounding life insurance.  We noticed this and decided to create this complete guide and make life insurance simple to understand and secure. In this post, we…
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life insurance on your child's father boy holding a hand

How to get life insurance on your child’s father or mother

We get this question A LOT: can I get life insurance on my child’s father (or mother)? What options are available and who will be paying for it? We felt the need to answer all of these questions, so we put together this guide. We will outline if it’s possible, touch on insurable interest and…
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life insurance pay medical bills hands holding money ball

Ways use your life insurance to pay your medical bills

We will start out by saying that you CAN use your life insurance to pay for your medical bills. There are many companies allowing you to “use” your death benefit while you’re still alive. We’d like to think of it as a modern life insurance policy.    In this guide, we will list when you…
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living benefits and cash value cherry blossom

Are living benefits and cash value the same thing?

Have you heard the term: you don’t have to die to use your life insurance? What exactly does it mean? In what ways can you use your life insurance, while still alive.  In this post, we will go in-depth outlining what are living benefits and cash value. We will explain what each means, list the…
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No medical exam life insurance photo of doctor

Reasons to get NO medical exam life insurance

Did you know that you can secure a life insurance policy with no medical exam? Is that option better and why? What are the things that you need to look out for and what are the advantages? In this guide, we will answer these questions. We will list the reasons why and when no medical…
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life insurance with living benefits

Is life insurance with living benefits worth it?

Have you ever heard the term living benefits? Do you know how do they work? And most importantly, is it really worth it to buy life insurance with living benefits? These are all valid and excellent questions. In this guide, we would tackle the topic and outline what are living benefits, how can you use…
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Life insurance for a foreign spouse wedding flowers

Life insurance for a foreign spouse

Love knows no boundaries. In today’s globalization, it is very common for a US citizen to marry a foreign national. We’ve helped many families secure the coverage they need regardless of their country of origin. Therefore, we decided to create a guide outlining how to get life insurance for a foreign spouse. Life insurance is…
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life insurance beneficiary is in another country

My life insurance beneficiary is in another country

It is no secret that the world is becoming more and more globalized each day. We are easily connected with friends, family or business partners across the globe. Therefore, it is no surprise that very often we ran into the question: What if my life insurance beneficiary is in another country? Is that possible, are…
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Life insurance with Down syndrome

    Have you tried finding life insurance for a family member with Down syndrome? Or maybe you even applied, just to get a denial? We talked to countless families who don’t understand why life insurance with Down Syndrome is so challenging. Well, we listen and wanted to create this guide and outline straight forward…
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