city view with text life insurance with H1B visa how you can qualify

Life insurance with H1B visa

Have you tried to secure life insurance with H1B visa? Have you been turned down for coverage because you are not a permanent resident? Well, if this is the case, you came to the right place. In this post, we would outline some of the keys topics that every H1B visa holder should consider when…
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Can you buy life insurance without a green card?

The United States is built on immigration. Many are creating a life here and have the need for financial planning and protection. So a question we get a lot is “Can I buy life insurance without a green card?”. The short answer to that question is yes, you can. In this post, we would outline…
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Life insurance for undocumented immigrants

Are you or someone you know living in the US without a valid visa? Have you tried to secure life insurance for undocumented immigrants? It used to be nearly impossible. Not any more. There are options to get a solid life insurance policy for someone without papers. In this guide, we would list why, how…
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upgrade your outdated life insurance skyscraper in the sky

Ditch your outdated life insurance and upgrade

When was the last time you reviewed your life policy? Do you have outdated life insurance or the modern one? In our practice, we talked to countless people not sure what type they have and how it would protect them and their families. So we put together this guide. We will get straight to the…
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Life insurance for international students

There are many students, choosing to continue or start their education in the US. Many of them have tried to secure life insurance protection, just to be turned down. Right of the start, we would like to tell you that: Yes, life insurance for international students is possible. In this guide, we would outline why…
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Know the basics of shopping for life insurance

Did you know many people avoid buying life insurance because they think it’s complicated and hard to get? They are leaving their families unprotected because of the many misconceptions surrounding life insurance.  We noticed this and decided to create this complete guide and make life insurance simple to understand and secure. In this post, we…
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life insurance on your child's father boy holding a hand

How to get life insurance on your child’s father or mother

We get this question A LOT: can I get life insurance on my child’s father (or mother)? What options are available and who will be paying for it? We felt the need to answer all of these questions, so we put together this guide. We will outline if it’s possible, touch on insurable interest and…
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life insurance pay medical bills hands holding money ball

Ways use your life insurance to pay your medical bills

We will start out by saying that you CAN use your life insurance to pay for your medical bills. There are many companies allowing you to “use” your death benefit while you’re still alive. We’d like to think of it as a modern life insurance policy.    In this guide, we will list when you…
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living benefits and cash value cherry blossom

Are living benefits and cash value the same thing?

Have you heard the term: you don’t have to die to use your life insurance? What exactly does it mean? In what ways can you use your life insurance, while still alive.  In this post, we will go in-depth outlining what are living benefits and cash value. We will explain what each means, list the…
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