Why immigrants need life insurance

Written by Zhaneta Gechev

We were not born in the United States and as foreigners have different priorities. So, why immigrants need life insurance? When we first arrive to the United States, we are filled with hopes and dreams. However, in many cases we also come in with a limited budget. We strive to live the “American Dream”: get a house with a white picket fence in a good school district; get a cute dog and have smart and well-rounded children.  In reality, many of us do manage to fulfill the dream, but at what cost?

Little by little, day by day, month by month, we start to accumulate debt. Now, we have mortgages, car payments, bills and etc. Even though, we have many financial responsibilities, we are happy. We are able to provide a better life for our family and ensure that our children have the possibility to attend some of the best schools in the world. Unfortunately, there are many things that can jeopardize our happiness. One of these things is an untimely and unexpected death of a family member. That’s why immigrants need life insurance. We cannot always plan for what’s ahead of us, but we can try to prepare for it.

Many people simply don’t even want to think of dying or getting life insurance and the ones who do may not fully understand it.  At onestoplifeinsurance.com, we make the process of getting life insurance simple. We will ask qualifying health, financial and lifestyle questions to determine which company is the best for your particular situation. We will also go a step further and take into consideration your immigration status in the United States. Doing this upfront, gives us the confidence knowing that we’ve matched you with the best carrier and the coverage you have is customized based on you. There are no two cases alike and we take the time to get to know you. We want to give you the peace of mind that this important decision was handled right the first time and there is no guessing later.

Most common misconceptions immigrants have when it comes to life insurance

In our course of business, we have encountered many objections from immigrants, who are uncertain if they need or qualify for life insurance.

  • I will be buried in my home country and I will not have to pay for a funeral in the United States  – Yes, this is a great thought, especially since a typical funeral range is $7,000 to $10,000 and from $1,500 to $4,000 for cremation. The reality is that many people may not be able to afford to send the body internationally. To ship human remains to another country, can cost up to $10,000. In many cases, this could be a huge and unplanned expense on top of the funeral alone. Also, we need to account for the travel expenses for the family, living in the U.S., to attend the service, missed time off work, mortgage payments and etc. This is an important topic that we need to discuss with our family and to make sure that they are aware of our exact wishes.
  • I have savings – unfortunately, when the unexpected happens, these can be gone in a matter of days. Possible medical bills, funeral arrangements, and debt are just some of the examples of the expenses the family may have to deal with.
  • My family will move back to our home country – I am sure that many of us had this exact thought at one point or another. However, we are building a life in the United States. It is very difficult just to pack up and leave in a matter of days. We have children that need to finish school, jobs, homes and other affairs we need to get in order. It will take time to move back, if this is what we want, and time costs money.
  • I am not a permanent resident or U.S. citizen – there are many options for immigrants to purchase life insurance. Current immigration status should not be a reason to put off getting coverage.  Contact us via phone or e-mail to learn about the options of getting the peace of mind, knowing that your family’s financial future is secured. This will be a good time to mention, that in order to qualify for life insurance, you need to be in this country legally. Also, you need to be in the country for the application, medical exam, and delivery of the policy. This could take up to 4-6 weeks based on the underwriting requirements.
  • Will this affect my immigration application with USCIS? – the answer to this question is no.  Applying for life insurance will not have any effect on your case with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

These are just some of the justifications immigrants use to put off securing a life insurance protection for their family. In reality, it is just as important for an immigrant to have life insurance, as a U.S. born individual. Actually, it may even be more imperative for a foreigner to get coverage. In many cases, we don’t have the support system as a person born in the U.S. may have. Our immediate family and closest friends may still be in our home country.

So whatever reason you have to put off getting life insurance, just don’t. Immigrants need life insurance. It is a necessity and it is vital to secure coverage.

Contact onestoplifeinsurance.com for a personalized quote and advise on your options as an immigrant. We are not an insurance company, nor are we employees of one. We will reach out to the insurance providers and find the best rate available based on your situation. Onestoplifeinsurance.com can provide you with professional and unbiased advice when it comes to life insurance.

You followed your heart, came to the United States and built a life for you and your family. Don’t let that dream be taken away because you didn’t think you could or you should get an insurance policy.


About Zhaneta Gechev
About Zhaneta Gechev

Zhaneta Gechev is the founder of One Stop Life Insurance. She works with individuals across the nation to secure the best life insurance rates.

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