Life insurance with Down syndrome

Have you tried finding life insurance for a family member with Down syndrome? Or maybe you even applied, just to get a denial? We talked to countless families who don’t understand why life insurance with Down Syndrome is so challenging. Well, we listened and wanted to create this guide and outline straightforward answers, options, and steps.

Before we start,

We want to advise you that this guide applies to individuals over the age of 18. If you are trying to find options for life insurance with Down syndrome for a minor, please review our other article. The options are vastly different and we wanted you to have the applicable information.

We believe in providing families with options to secure life insurance. If you want us to look at your personal situation and provide you with a no-obligation analysis, just reach out to us. You can do so by completing the quote form on the page, messaging us or simply giving us a call. The information you share will be kept 100% confidential.

Down Syndrome 101

Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder. Based on the number of chromosomes, there are three types of Down syndrome: trisomy 21 (nondisjunction), translocation, and mosaicism. The symptoms of the disorder can range from mild to severe. This means that Down syndrome is not a death sentence. People could have a quality life with a life expectancy of 60 years and beyond.

Life insurance with Down Syndrom approved

Life insurance options will depend on how severe the condition

As we pointed out, not all cases of Down syndrome are the same. There are cases where the disorder is very severe and others where is very mild. We’ve broken down your options for life insurance with Down syndrome based on how severe the condition is.


This is a form when an individual is not able to speak, hold a conversation, or care for him or herself. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a person with Down syndrome to develop additional health complications. An example would be:

  • Heart defects
  • Hypotonia (poor muscle tone)
  • Vision and hearing problems
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Blood disorders
  • Problems with the upper part of the spine and etc

If your child or family member fits into this category, the only option would be a guaranteed issue life insurance. This is a type of policy that does not ask any health or medical questions. It is a guaranteed acceptance policy.

But there is a catch:

Many companies would limit the option and not offer it for a person with mental incapacity and when Power of Attorney is involved. This is due to the fact that the insurance is considered a legal contract and the carrier needs to ensure that the proposed insured (the person with Down syndrome) understands the terms and conditions.

So, here is what you can do:

With over a decade of experience in the insurance arena, we were able to find only 2 carriers that would APPROVE coverage, despite any Power of attorney, health conditions etc. It is a truly guaranteed issue policy.

Again, if you have any questions or are interested in securing a policy for a loved one, just reach out to us.

Moderate to a mild form of Down syndrome:

For insurance purposes, an individual would fit into this category if he or she is able to:

  • Speak and comprehend
  • Hold a conversation
  • Able to read and write
  • Is able to bathe, feed, dress, toilet independently


  • Still lives at home
  • It is not working
  • Receives disability benefits

If you believe that this describes your family member, here is the option to secure life insurance with Down syndrome:

Life insurance with down syndrome ribbon

We’ve found a company that would APPROVE immediate coverage. It is a whole life insurance policy, designed to help with any final expenses if something happens. In other words, you are able to lock in the age of the person and pay the same premium for years to come. The coverage amount could vary. You can choose from $5,000 to $50,000 in coverage. This option is available to individuals between 20 to 80 years old. As you suspect, the premium would be based on the age and the coverage amount you want.

Here is an example:

25-year-old female non-tobacco would pay $33.80 per month for $15,000 in coverage.

A mild form of Down syndrome:

This is the best-case scenario. Basically, you can select from almost any insurance company. A carrier would review the records, some may request a medical exam and some won’t. Based on the medical history, life insurance companies can approve the policy with a slightly higher or even standard rating.

Here is what they would look out for when considering an application:

  • The applicant is 20 years old and above
  • Live independent
  • Mild intellectual disability
  • Be employed

A person needs to be able to answer “Yes” to all 4 questions in order to qualify for coverage.

Please note:

Despite the questions about Down syndrome, companies would ask all of the other health and lifestyle questions. They would need to know height and weight, current and past health conditions, prescription history, and lifestyle.

Things to consider when shopping for life insurance with Down syndrome

Ownership of the policy – who would be the owner? Simply put, the owner of the policy is the person in charge. He or she is able to make changes and select beneficiary

Make sure that owning a life insurance policy that builds cash value would not interfere with any disability assistance.

What to expect during the application process

It really depends on which option your family member qualifies. However, here are just some of the steps to give you a better idea:

  1. Complete a phone application
  2. Need to e-sign the application
  3. Depending on the carrier and the option, there could be a phone interview.

Success stories

We are able to help many families secure life insurance with Down syndrome. We always consider it a big personal achievement if we are able to approve them for immediate coverage at the best rate possible. It gives us a sense of purpose and reinforces why we are doing this.

Bottom line,

Your options to find the best life insurance with Down syndrome will depend on the severity of the condition. We sectioned the guide into 3 separate options and included some information on each option. If you would like us to help you lock in some coverage or have any questions, please reach out to us.

Thank you!