We get this question A LOT: can I get life insurance on my child’s father (or mother)? What options are available and who will be paying for it? We felt the need to answer all of these questions, so we put together this guide. We will outline if it’s possible, touch on insurable interest and.. More

Life insurance with Down syndrome – APPROVED!

Written by Zhaneta Gechev

Have you tried finding life insurance for a family member with Down syndrome? Or maybe you even applied, just to get a denial? We talked to countless families who don’t understand why life insurance with Down Syndrome is so challenging. Well, we listen and wanted to create this guide and outline straight forward answers, options.. More

Have you ever tried to secure life insurance with alcohol abuse? Did you think it would be this challenging? Companies are really taking alcohol abuse seriously and have strict guideless. In this article, we would outline the steps to secure life insurance and list all of your options. Before we dive into the topic, you.. More

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There is no doubt that drug usage in the US and across the globe is a growing problem. Parents are faced with new challenges and unfortunately one of them is: are they able to buy life insurance for children with addiction? As a parents ourselves, we’re here to tell you that there are ways to.. More

How to get life insurance for children with Type 1 Diabetes

Written by Zhaneta Gechev

Type 1 diabetes occurs in people of all races and economic levels. As of today, there is no cure and it is NOT preventable.  Therefore, we felt the need to provide parents with options when it comes to life insurance for children with type 1 diabetes. In this post, we will go over why it.. More

Why should you consider getting life insurance when applying for a student loan? What happens to the debt should something happen to the borrower? These are just some of the questions that might be going to one’s mind when signing or co-signing on a student loan application. In this post, we’ll cover just that. There.. More

5 Reasons why NOT to buy life insurance as a college savings plan

Written by Zhaneta Gechev

Many agencies market life insurance on children as a way to pay for college. Are you wondering if this is a good idea? Can you really use life insurance as a college savings plan? We’ve heard this question over and over again, and we wanted to give the numbers and let you decide for yourself… More

Life insurance for children with leukemia [Top 3 options]

Written by Zhaneta Gechev

”Give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not” These words come to my mind, every time I look at St. Jude Children Research Hospital calendar. When I was going through, I couldn’t help but noticed that nearly half of the children photographed had some form of leukemia… More